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Hachette Mass Market L Model v2

Hachette Mass Market L Model v2

Solution includes: one-sheet metal display with integrated base and add-on header, along with foil.

The built-in base offers additional stability sometimes required in mass market outlets. In addition to the base, 2 optional wheels, can be added making it easier to move the unit around wheelbarrow style.

On this version the lower three shelves are deeper at 17 cm. The first shelf is 12 cm deep.


Display is made up of two pieces. To assemble just bend sides and bend the integrated shelves. The integrated base is locked in with 4 screws, and the wheels can be added. The header is added with 3 screws.


L46 x W33 x H157 cm – L16.5 x W13 x H59 inches


12.8 kg – 28.2 lbs


#1: L42.5 cm x W12 cm – L16.7 x W4.3 inches. #2, 3, 4: #1: L42.5 cm x W17 cm – L16.7 x W6.6 inches

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