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Hachette Mass Market L Model v1

Hachette Mass Market L Model v1

Solution includes: one-sheet metal display with integrated base and add-on header, along with foil.

The built-in base offers additional stability sometimes required in mass market outlets. In addition to the base, 2 optional wheels, can be added making it easier to move the unit around wheelbarrow style.

On this version all the shelves have a depth of 12 cm.


Display is made up of two pieces. To assemble just bend sides and bend the integrated shelves. The integrated base is locked in with 4 screws, and the wheels can be added. The header is added with 3 screws.


L46 x W33 x H157 cm – L16.5 x W13 x H59 inches


12.8 kg – 28.2 lbs


L42.5 cm x W12 cm – L16.5 x W5.1 inches

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