Branded Retail Solutions


Unique Sustainable Flatpacked Concept
Our in-store display concept is based around the patented Origami™ solution: the display is formed by folding the single flat metal sheet by hand, right in the store (no special tools or skills required). The display is manufactured, distributed and stored flat until it is ready to be set up at the location. When you are ready to reuse them, peel off the old stickers from your last product and apply the new ones – it’s the fastest, greenest and most efficient model we have come across in the industry.

Re-Branding is Everything
The Origami™ concept allows Branded Retail Solutions to customize the shape of each display order to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our displays use exchangeable polypropylene foil that makes it easy to re-theme displays units each time a new franchise, season, promotional event demands. Our solution equals less transportation and waste of promotional stands which is good for the environment and for your bottom line.

Scalable Production
Production of sheet metal based products is a simple and automated process performed in the factory. Production is scalable from 100 units to tens of thousands of units. By shipping units flat, we drastically reduce your shipping, packaging, transportation and storage costs, leading to greater profits.

We don’t do B2B, we do B4B. We aspire to be not just your exclusive in-store display supplier, but a natural extension of your merchandising team. We are available to work with you to develop attractive and functional merchandising solutions that will help you to market your products beautifully and sustainably while driving and improving your sales.