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Winning Moves Multi Product FSDU Travel

Winning Moves Multi Product FSDU Travel

Multi Product FSDU. Made from 3 pieces. Bottom attached with nuts and bolts. Shelves fold down to lock into clip on the side, with no need for nuts and bolts.

As an added feature this model comes with a tray base, protecting from suitcases and trolleys.

The sides have 8 facings each with a total of 48 products.

Shelf number 1 and 2 holds 10 quiz boxes each. Shelf 3 holds 4 tins. Shelf 4 and 5 hold 4 large boxes or a combination of other products. Shelf 5 holds 5 large boxes.

Pallet info:

Pallet info:
Pallet size: 150x100cm
Total displays: 30
Weight: 600kg
Height: 80cm



H147 x W53 x D40 cm – H57.8 x W20.8 x D15.7 inches


19.5 kg – 43 lbs