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Accessory Island – Pink

Accessory Island – Pink

The island here works as a Princess costume destination in the store. Its size lets you display a large variety of different products from bags to accessories. The waterfall is ideal for showing off the premium costumes, that can then be hanging in larger quantities on the opposite side in various sizes. Next to it can be a selection of accessories or another 6 hooks of bagged product.


The pegboard on 3 sides makes it easy to place the products where they are best suited. The island can be ordered with the number of hooks needed for your specific configuration of products. The top shelf includes rack for hangers. Foil on side panels and both sides of top sign let you easily re-theme the whole island to a different property or season.

24×20 cm hooks, waterfall and wheels included.


This display, like all our displays, is shipped flatpacked. There are 9 parts to this display. The header, base, two end pieces, the top shelf, the rail for the top shelf and the middle wall which is made up of 3 pieces for easy assembly. All parts are joined together with screws.




L70 x W137 x H180 cm – L27.5 x W53.9 x H70.8 inches


72 kg – 158.7 lbs

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