Branded Retail Solutions


Unique Concept

The simple idea behind our unique concept for customized and sustainable shop displays is that the display is formed by using one single sheet of metal.

The display is manufactured, stored and distributed flat until it is set up in the store.

The display is formed by folding the flat metal plate by hand.  It’s faster and easier than ever before – no instructions, no particular skills and no tools needed.

Our approach has tremendous advantages over current alternatives such as temporary cardboard and permanent displays in metal, wood or acrylic.

With this unique concept from Instore Display all aspects of manufacturing are now easier, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Complexity and Flexibility Made Simple and Easy

The unique concept offers opportunities for implementing advanced features and options that, with more traditional approaches, would be virtually impossible to create – or at the very least, time consuming and expensive.

The display, made from only one single sheet of metal, is simple and easy to produce, distribute and set up in the store no matter how many advanced and flexible features are built into it.

The display may function in different ways depending on exactly what parts are folded and how they are folded.

Just a few selected examples of such advanced features and options are shown here.

Branding is Everything

The flat metal plate offers some excellent opportunities for branding of the display.  This branding may be part of the production process or branding can be easily done during set up in the stores.

Since the complete display consists of only one part, namely the flat metal plate, painting is easily done in any color at no additional cost – even in small quantities.

We offer a wide variety of branding options like header cards, sticker streamers, magnetic streamers, posters, leaflets and different sizes of screens with built-in media player.

We can design and produce your branding material or we will work with your marketing department or advertising agency to secure the best possible integration between technical function and graphical design at the lowest possible cost.

Scalable Production

Production of sheet metal based products is a very simple and highly automated process.

The production of our displays requires only two processes – punching and painting of the plates.

Production is easily scalable from one to many thousands of displays – and transportation compared to traditional displays is extremely cost-effective.

Thus, we are able to deliver any quantity of displays faster than ever before while, at the same time, maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Cost-effective Distribution

Displays are stored and distributed flat until they are set up in the stores – thus, space problems and high transport costs are history with our unique concept.

We can deliver displays stacked on EUR pallets to anywhere you wish.  In addition, the displays may be packed individually in flat envelopes, together with any additional branding and marketing material – completely ready for distribution and set up in the stores.

We deliver worldwide to your contract packer, warehouse or forwarder – we even deliver directly to the stores.

Fast Set Up in Store

Set up in store is easy and fast (in most cases less than 1 minute).

Set Up can be done by anyone – your sales staff or store employees – without instructions, particular skills or the use of tools.

Any branding part not already integrated are easily attached during set up.

Creative Development

Instore Display has developed more than 300 different customized shop displays utilizing our unique concept.

We do not count development time in days or weeks – rather hours.  This is due to the very simple basic idea, full automation of every process and our comprehensive experience.

Prototyping used to be a time-consuming and costly process – not anymore.  Production machinery is directly programmable from our 3D modeling computers to secure fast and accurate prototypes at the smallest possible cost.

We think of ourselves not as a supplier, but as part of your team, working together to develop exactly the solution that is going to be most successful in the stores.

Customer-driven innovation” are our keywords, whereas “can’t be done” and “we used to do” are not part of our development team’s vocabulary.

Examples of Our Work

Here are some examples of our recent work.

These examples are actually computerized pictures from real projects as presented to and evaluated by customers before subsequent prototyping and production run.  The pictures are in the presentation accompanied by a 10 second movie clip showing a 360° view of the proposed display.


Our concept, ideas, methods, technology and products are protected by several patent applications covering most countries worldwide.  Therefore, we are able to offer exclusivity on all our solutions.